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Phonon polaritons

The phonon polaritons are electromagnetic waves coupled with lattice vibrational motions in the THz frequency ranges in ferroelectric crystals where the mixed EM/lattice vibration waves travel at light like speeds. We are able to generate, detect and visualize the motions of polariton waves on a single chip in picosecond time scales through real-space imaging. We are further able to fabricate EM wave devices with specific structures and control the motions of the polaritons. The movies below are demontrations of generation, detection and control of phonon polaritons. For more information, please read references below or contact the team Polaritonics.

Movie 1. Narrow band phonon polariton generation in a LiNbO3 slab

Movie 2. Narrow band phonon polariton generation in a LiNbO3 slab with improved quality

Movie 3. Polariton reflection and transmission at the interfaces of crystal and air

Movie 4. Single-slit diffraction of polaritons

Movie 5. Young's double-slit diffraction of polaritons

Movie 6. Five-slit diffraction of polaritons

Movie 7. Diffraction of polaritons by a grating

Movie 8. Y-coupler of polaritons

Movie 9. Focusing of polaritons with an axicon

Movie 10. Echelon amplitudes

Movie 11. Tilt-down polaritons generated by 40 temporally delayed and spatially shifted spots

Movie 12. Focusing of polaritons by 8 spatially and temporally controlled spots

Movie 13. Polariton antenna

Movie 14. THz field enhancement by a polariton antenna with 1/2 mode

Movie 15. THz field enhancement by a polariton antenna with 3/2 mode



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