Group meetings on Thursdays 2 pm in the Moore room (6-321)

July 12, 2018

We will have group meetings on Thursdays at 2 pm in the Moore room (6-321), unless otherwise noted. Group meeting schedule will be updated and posted here.

First-year graduate students are welcome! If interested in receiving reminders and short notices such as room changes, please ask Dmitro Martynowych (dmitro [AT] for nelson-prospective-2018 email list.


Upcoming group meetings



Past group meetings

Sep 1, Prof. Borja Vidal (Microwave and THz photonics)

Sep 7, Dmitro Martynowych (Laser-induced shock)

Sep 14, Ryan Duncan (Thermal transport)

Sep 21, David Veysset (Laser-induced shock & LIPIT)

Oct 5, Prof. Bo Zhen (Non-Hermitian topological photonics)

Oct 13, Prof. Tomokazu Sano (Femtosecond laser-driven shock compression of solids)

Oct 19, Leora Dresselhaus-Cooper (Laser-induced shock)

Oct 27, Joseph Yoon (On the nature of exciton-polariton transport in an optical trap)

Nov 2, Xian Li (THz spectroscopy)

Nov 16, Yaqing Zhang (THz spectroscopy)

Nov 21, Doug Shin (Photo-excited acoustic phonons and material characterizations)

Dec 14, Andreas Steinbacher (THz polaritonics)

Dec 21, Joseph and Andreas (How to make a Bose-Einstein condensate of magnon-polaritons)

Jan 18, Jude (Past-life talk)

Jan 29, Leora (Imaging Shock Waves to Study Initiation in Molecular Explosives)

Jan 31, Eric (Past-life talk)

Mar 1, Yaqing Zhang (2D THz spectroscopy)

Jul 12, Joseph Yoon (Transport and redistribution of exciton-polaritons in optically generated potentials)