Group meetings on Thursdays 2 pm in the Moore room (6-321)

September 3, 2017

We will have group meetings on Thursdays at 2 pm in the Moore room (6-321), unless otherwise noted. Group meeting schedule will be updated and posted here.

First-year graduate students are welcome! If interested in receiving reminders and short notices such as room changes, please ask Dmitro Martynowych (dmitro [AT] for nelson-prospective-2017 email list.


Upcoming group meetings

Sep 21, David Veysset (Laser-induced Shock/LIPIT)

Sep 28

Oct 5, Prof. Bo Zhen

Oct 12, Leora Cooper-Dresselhaus (Laser-induced shock)

Oct 19, Tristan Shi (THz spectroscopy)

Oct 26, Joseph Yoon (Excitonics)

Nov 2, Xian Li (THz spectroscopy)

Nov 9, Yaqing Zhang (THz spectroscopy)

Nov 16, Doug Shin (Phonon spectroscopy)


Past group meetings

Sep 1 (Friday at noon), Prof. Borja Vidal (Microwave and THz photonics)

Sep 7, Dmitro Martynowych (Laser-induced shock)

Sep 14, Ryan Duncan (Thermal Transport)