Group meetings on Thursdays 2 pm in the Moore room (6-321)

January 19, 2019

We will have group meetings on Thursdays at 2 PM in the Moore room (6-321), unless otherwise noted. Group meeting schedule will be updated and posted here.

First-year graduate students are welcome! If interested in receiving reminders and short notices such as room changes, please ask Dmitro Martynowych (dmitro [AT] for nelson-prospective-2018 email list.


Upcoming group meetings

Jan 24, Dmitro Martynowych, EHS annual refresher


Past group meetings


Sep 1, Prof. Borja Vidal, Microwave and THz photonics

Sep 7, Dmitro Martynowych, Laser-induced shock

Sep 14, Ryan Duncan, Thermal transport

Sep 21, David Veysset, Laser-induced shock & LIPIT

Oct 5, Prof. Bo Zhen, Non-Hermitian topological photonics

Oct 13, Prof. Tomokazu Sano, Femtosecond laser-driven shock compression of solids

Oct 19, Leora Dresselhaus-Cooper, Laser-induced shock

Oct 27, Joseph Yoon, On the nature of exciton-polariton transport in an optical trap

Nov 2, Xian Li, THz spectroscopy

Nov 16, Yaqing Zhang, THz spectroscopy

Nov 21, Doug Shin, Photo-excited acoustic phonons and material characterizations

Dec 14, Andreas Steinbacher, THz polaritonics

Dec 21, Joseph and Andreas, How to make a Bose-Einstein condensate of magnon-polaritons


Jan 18, Jude Deschamps, Past-life talk

Jan 29, Leora Dresselhaus-Cooper, Imaging Shock Waves to Study Initiation in Molecular Explosives

Jan 31, Eric Sung, Past-life talk

Feb 8, Yuchen Sun, Past-life talk

Mar 1, Yaqing Zhang, 2D THz spectroscopy

Jul 12, Joseph Yoon, Transport and redistribution of exciton-polaritons in optically generated potentials

Sep 6, Jude Deschamps, Bose-Einstein condensation of (insert favorite quasi-particle)

Sep 13, Tristan Shi, THz single shot

Sep 20, Yuchen Sun, Laser-Induced Particle Impact Test (LIPIT)

Sep 27, Ryan Duncan, Nondiffusive/hydrodynamic thermal transport; progress in investigating thermal transport and acoustic dynamics with FEL sources

Oct 4, Dmitro Martynowych, Shock and high pressure chemistry/physics

Oct 11, Yaqing Zhang, 2D THz rotational spectroscopy in water molecules

Oct 18, Takakazu Suzuki, Single-shot ultrafast imaging

Oct 25, Blake Dastrup, THz polaritonics

Nov 1, Frank Gao, Single-shot spectroscopy

Nov 8, Yu-Hsiang Cheng, Single-shot spectroscopy of LCMO

Nov 29, Doug Shin, Phonon spectroscopy

Dec 7, Joseph Yoon, Coherence properties of polaritons

Dec 13, Dr. Thomas Pezeril, Phonon spectroscopy

Jan 11, Joint group meeting with the Comin group

Jan 17, Dr. Ievgeniia Chaban, Investigation of GHz mechanical behavior of confined liquids with molecular resolution

Jan 17, Jet Lem, Past-life talk